Success has its costs. Nearly sixteen months after the gigantic COTA order, we were almost caught up on production. However, the usual tidal wave of spring orders has us on a back order situation again. Please be patient with us as we also try to increase our production capability. Please allow four to six weeks on your order; larger orders may be even longer.

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Aaron Likens, author of Finding Kansas, Autism Ambassador for Easter Seals Midwest, as well as USAC and SuperKartsUSA Chief Starter, was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when he was 20 years old. He began flagging for the St. Louis Karting Association when he was 13. He bought his first set of Dynamic DeZign flags in 2000.

As Autism Ambassador he has trained over 3,000 police officers in how to deal with Autism Spectrum Disorder individuals. In 2013 he spoke to over 15,000 Middle and High School students across the country. His message is a Message of Hope for those on the spectrum, their families, teachers, and doctors.

Aaron and Dynamic DeZigns came together with ideas to increase Awareness and Hope for those on the Autism Spectrum and their families. Together we designed a LIMITED EDITION set of flags for use during the month of April, Autism Awareness Month, and Aaron has called the effort Join The Blue WaveTM.

The LIMITED EDITION set includes a solid Electric Blue flag, for use in place of the green, and a very special Blue and White checkered flag. Click on the top left button to view Aaron's YouTube video and to order.

Your purchase and use of these Autism Awareness flags will help raise awareness at the track plus a substantial portion of the proceeds will be donated to help and support families across America with the Message of Hope.

Easter Seals Midwest will receive 50% of each blue/white checkered flag sold. Please consult your tax attorney regarding the tax deductibility of your purchase."

You can read Aaron's blog at and visit his website at Finding Kansas is available at

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Sorry, California: Shipments within California have a larger cost as sales tax increased to 7.5% as of January 1, 2013.

INTERNATIONAL FLAGS: We were honored to have the opportunity to provide "Made-in-USA" flags for the premiere international race Circuit of the Americas near Austin, Texas. In June of that first year when international inspectors were shown samples of our flags and pronounced them "perfectly fine," we breathed a sigh of relief.

Many of our friends are aware of this as a few had a preview of the new international flag sizes and colors at Sears Point and many more used them at Austin. Some of you have inquired about individual purchases or have said "Sign me up for a ___ flag." We were on an "every stitch goes to Austin" policy for several months. Special thanks to our friends in Sears Point, Tumwater, and Prunedale for postponing their large orders until we could finish Austin. Also our appreciation goes to those with small orders that understood the need to wait until after Austin.

Please understand that due to the increased cost of sourcing special colors, higher material costs, the difficulty working the fabric, and the sheer size of the super red and checkered flags, some of the international flag prices are higher than their "domestic" equivalents.

See the International Flag section.

Once again I want to thank our friends in all forms of racing for the kind words about our flags and other products. Satisfied customers are our only form of advertising.

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To learn about how our flags are constructed and attached, your flag staff options, and washing instructions visit the Flag Information page.

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When we have flags in stock, we strive to process and ship your order within one day. More time may be needed for large quantity or special orders or at peak busy times.

If for some reason, we are not able to fill your order within a couple of days, we will contact you with an estimated shipping date.

International customers are asked to check the Company Info page regarding shipping information BEFORE placing an order.

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